Call for Papers: Open Sessions

Health and Biosciences Libraries Section


"From action to impact: health information professionals connecting communities"

The IFLA Health and Biosciences Libraries Section invites interested professionals  to submit proposals for the open session to be held in Columbus, Ohio, USA from 13-19 August 2016.


From action to impact: health information professionals connecting communities.


  1. The sub-themes will focus on the contribution of librarians/information professionals to:
  2. Research on health and related disciplines – especially research synthesis.
  3. Health research management (organising output, data management, bibliometrics, Open data/Big data).
  4. Health knowledge brokering/implementation of science/knowledge transfer and exchange.
  5. Areas, such as health literacy, where librarians are seeking a more prominent role.
  6. Public Access to Health Information (PAHI) at all ages including the elderly and school children.

Questions that should be answered when preparing the abstracts/papers:

  • How are the relationships/collaborations built?
  • What are the fruits of these relationships/collaborations?
  • What areas of our work need development?
  • What lessons have been learned from the current relationships/collaborations – indicate mistakes and/or successes as well as examples where challenges were turned into opportunities?

The papers should attempt to define an aspect of the future of the profession given the changing information environment.

Submission Guidelines

The proposals must be submitted in an electronic format and must contain:

  • Title of abstract/paper
  • Summary of abstract (250 – 300 words maximum)
  • Full papers should be no longer than 5000 words.
  • Speaker’s name, address, telephone and fax numbers, professional affiliation, email address, keywords (not more than five) and biographical note (40 words).

Important dates

26 February 2016:  Deadline for submission of abstract

31 March 2016:  Notification of acceptance/rejection

3 June 2016:  Deadline for submission of full paper


Submissions should be sent as email attachments, by the dates indicated above, to:

Maria G. N. Musoke, Chair, Health and Biosciences Libraries Section
Email: and copy to

Proposals will be reviewed by members of the HBS Standing Committee.


All proposals must be received by 26 February 2016.

Please note

At least one of the paper’s authors must be present to deliver a summary of the paper during the program in Columbus, Ohio. Abstracts should only be submitted with the understanding that the expenses of attending the conference will be the responsibility of the author(s)/presenter(s) of accepted papers.

All papers that are presented at the WLIC 2016 will be made available online via the IFLA Library under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

Authors of accepted papers must complete the IFLA Authors’ Permission Form.

All expenses, including registration for the conference, travel, accommodation etc., are the responsibility of the authors/presenters. No financial support can be provided by IFLA, but a special invitation letter can be issued to authors.

Congress Participation Grants

List of opportunities for support is available on our Conference Participation Grants webpage.