Poster Sessions

Poster presentations are scheduled for two, two-hour intervals between 12:00 and 14:00 on Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 August 2016.

Material has to be posted to the boards on Sunday 14 August 2016 between 12:30 and 16:00 before the Exhibits Opening Party, which takes place in the Exhibition Area, Hall D. at Level 1.

The “Best IFLA Poster 2016,” awarded during the Closing Session on Thursday 18 August 2016, will be selected from the posters presented in Columbus by a jury on behalf of the IFLA Professional Committee.

Note: The Poster Board Numbers are now allocated, corresponding to a numbered boards in the Exhibition Hall at the Greater Columbus Convention Center (GCCC). This is where Poster Presenter will need to put up their posters.


Please read the Instructions for Accepted Posters or  contact:

List of accepted Poster Presentations:

Poster Board Number




1 Políticas públicas para la salvaguarda y conservación del patrimonio documental de la nación cubana. [1] Gretel Lobelle Fernández Cuba
2 Virtual journey through the world of books [1] Diana Poliakovaitė
[2] Edvardas Germanas
3 Meet our voices [1] Jelena Lesaja Croatia
4 Future of Cataloging: Are We Ready for Linked Data? [1] Xiaoli Li United States
5 People, Planet, and Profit: Building Sustainable Communities and the Triple Bottom Line [1] Heather Hayashi
[2] Cristela Garcia-Spitz
[3] Gayatri Singh
United States
8 Creating the Strategic Plan to make the Library an Incubator for Multicultural Engagement [1] Gerald Holmes
[2] Orolando Duffus
United States
9 Training Undergraduate Peer Research Assistants to Provide Reference Services: Practical Ideas [1] Emilia Marcyk United States
10 Carlos Montezuma’s Wassaja Newsletter: Providing Access through Digitization and Collaboration [1] Joyce Martin United States
11 A Digital Oral History: a collaborative project, connecting UNCW students to their Latino community [1] Beth Thompson
[2] Rebecca Baugnon
United States
12 Stamping the Passport: University of Kentucky Libraries as a Partner for Internationalization on Campus [1] Jennifer Bartlett United States
13 Building an Authentic Bilingual Library: Regis University’s Dual Language Learning Resources Center [1] Rita Puig United States
14 Indigenous Law Portal [1] Carla Davis-Castro United States
15 The Cost Effectiveness of Undergraduate Student Labor versus Support Staff Labor [1] Grace Morris United States
16 Student “Reader-Leaders” building a Culture of Reading [1] Joyce Deaton United States
17 Science Popularization – The Concept for Public Libraries [1] Ritva Hyttinen
[2] Riikka Kulmala
18 Talking back to the public library: Measuring and conceptualizing the little free library movement [1] Kate Williams
[2] Noah Olafuwemi Samuel
[3] Elizabeth Caitlin Hartman
United States, Nigeria, United States
20 “When a bird lands in a tree, he does not automatically start to sing”: An examination of the information needs and information seeking behavior of resettled refugees from the Central African Republic living in the United States [1] Natalia Taylor Bowdoin United States
22 Not yet uhuru! Connecting and collaborating with professional communities [1] Joseph O. Olorunsaye
[2] Adetoun Adebisi Oyelude
23 Building linkages with community groups for accessibility and sustainable development [1] Ngozi Perpetua Osuchukwu Nigeria
25 Chinese Corner: From Library to Classrooms [1] Xue-Ming Bao United States
26 You can do this! Designing collaborative strategic planning to engage your community and your library [1] Robin Kear
[2] Aaron Brenner
[3] Eve Wider
United States
27 After the fire [1] Sarah Liddiard Australia
29 Libraries as a globally-active stakeholder for a sustainable future : the Bibliothèque nationale de France and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) [1] Franck Hurinville
[2] Elisabeth Freyre
30 Responsive Librarians Uncovered [1] Vesna Vuksan
[2] Milena Kostic
31 Meeting point of different cultures and civilizations: Urban Memory Museum of Edirne [1] Ender Bilar Turkey
32 Connecting the children to the book [1] Blessing Ahiauzu
[2] Dolly Ogu
[3] Shadrach Orokor
33 A Study on Academic and Research Impact of Domestic Materials in Institutional Repositories [1] Hiroyuki Tsunoda
[2] Yuan Sun
[3] Masaki Nishizawa
[4] Xiaomin Liu
Japan, Japan, Japan, China
34 Let’s Read Together for 10 Minutes [1] Sabariah Sayuti
[2] Khairun Nisa Abd. Rani
[3] Jasmin Jumhar
[4] Mastura Muhamad
36 The Library and seeking to educate through leisure activities: the example of Bordeaux Public Library [1] Louise Barillot
[2] Lola Moyence
37 Assessing and choosing an appropriate library management software that is compatible with the South African Bibliography Catalogue (SabiCat) [1] Dinah Koteikor Baidoo Ghana

Best IFLA Poster 2016:

Readers are Leaders at the East Kazakhstan Regional Public Library!

[1] Saule Shingaliyeva
[2] Kabiba Akzhigitova
39 Design and Implementation of a Mobile Web OPAC for Digital Kids in South Korea [1] Eun-Ju Lee
[2] Jee-Hyun Rho
South Korea
40 Priorities in Resource Description: How does a community of users and catalogers differ? [1] Jeanette Norris United States
41 Empower the Public – Social Collaboration in the Scope of Multicultural Services in Guangzhou Library [1] Tian Zhan
[2] Jiazhong Fang
[3] Jiangshun Zhang
42 Encouraging Women to Develop Their Creativity and Discover Their True Potential [1] Fang Hu China
43 Assessing the Value of Public Library Services: An Update and Recent Meta-Analysis [1] Jennifer Arns United States
44 #MalaysiaNgaji [1] Suzliana Abdul Hamid
[2] Juliana Es Mohd Munawir
[3] Mastura Muhamad
45 Sailing on the Path of Knowledge: Young Scholar Cultivation Workshop [1] Shu-Hsien Tseng
[2] Tzu-Heng Chiu
[3] Yu-Ling Wen
[4] Chao-Min Chiu
Taiwan, China
46 Exploring the History of Columbus, Ohio through Interdisciplinary Government Information Resources [1] Marianne Ryan
[2] Catherine Johnson
United States
49 Exploring is cool! [1] Christian Hansen
[2] Ole Bisbjerg
50 Reading Style of the Future : From “Doraemon” of AD 2125 [1] Miki Muraki F. Japan
51 Participative Design : Innovative ways of involving Stakeholders and Patrons in the Creation of the Next-Generation Library Environment. A Practice Report from the University Library of Rostock, Germany [1] Robert B Zepf Germany
52 Innovation: Flick the switch on! [1] Jessica Aurora Madureira Australia
53 Rethinking existing spaces: Making the library the preferred place to study [1] Gry Bettina Moxnes
[2] Anne-Berit Gregersen
54 update. jung & erwachsen – The young program of the Munich Public Library [1] Raphaela Müller Germany
56 “Motive Seeds Project” for Children’s Reading Promotion — Documentary of Public Activities by Wuhan Children’s Library [1] Lin Xiang
[2] Zhen Huoxing
[3] Kuang Hongying
[4] Chen Jie
[5] Yan Hong
57 Possibility of the book track to create a mobile library [1] Takashi Ishikawa
[2] Masao Kihara
[3] Tetunari Watanabe
58 Library Services for Young Adult now in Japan [1] Yasuyo Inoue Japan
59 An on-demand Digital Scholarship Applications Dashboard [1] Elias Tzoc United States
60 Increasing Access, Increasing Innovation: ABC (Acceso a Bibliografia Cientifica) in Panama [1] Talea Anderson
[2] Erin Hvizdak
[3] Jazmina Urriola
[4] Amador Goodridge
United States, United States, Panama, Panama
61 The design of public library space in new generation: a case study of New Taipei Public Library [1] Tzu-Ming Kuo
[2] Wei-Chung Cheng
[3] Kai-Ying Chu
[4] Ho-Chan Hou
[5] Pin-Shun Huang
[6] Sz-Yi Chen
Taiwan, China
62 Reaching out through reading and resources [1] Carolyn Neal
[2] Joyce Bowers
[3] Chrystal Carr Jeter
United States
63 El Evento Científico Bibliotecológico, una acción de la Asociación Cubana de Bibliotecarios [1] Margarita Bellas Vilariño Cuba
64 Users’ opinion on the use of social media tools by public libraries, Iran [1] Sanam Ebrahimzadeh
[2] Nahid Parvini
[3] Shima Morady
65 Adult Learning in Partnership with Indigenous, CALD and other marginalised groups [1] Clara Lukin Australia
66 Book Reserved and Retrieval in a Breeze: implementing RFID “books on hold” service in Tamkang University Library [1] Chiu-Hsia Shih
[2] Sheue-Fang Song
Taiwan, China
67 Let’s Get Judgy: Rubric-Based Evaluation of Electronic Resources in Libraries [1] Erin Johanna DeWitt Miller
[2] Laurel Crawford
[3] Sian Brannon
United States
68 La biblioteca por una calidad de vida en la tercera edad [1] Maricela de la Caridad Corvo de Armas Cuba
69 35 años de experiencias de Cuba en IFLA: Período 1980-2015 [1] Irai Uriah Urquhart Rodríguez Cuba
70 Libraries Promoting Peace: An International Resource and Call for Action [1] Clara M. Chu
[2] Rebecca McGuire
[3] Susan Schnuer
United States
71 Media Initiative about for and with the Children in Bangladesh [1] Razina Akhter Bangladesh
73 Looking for Home: Missing Voices in Children’s and Young Adult Literature [1] Vikki C. Terrile
[2] Julie Ann Winkelstein
United States
74 Delicious Books: Promoting the Library and a Love of Books Through Library on the Fly and an Edible Book Contest [1] L. Erin Fennell United States
75 From Local to Global: How a Local Library Organization Can Impact International Librarianship [1] Janet Lee
[2] Nancy Bolt
United States
76 Come and Be Welcomed!: An Exploration of Public Library Services to Immigrants and Refugees in the United States [1] Michele Fenton United States
77 Brasiliana Photographic [1] Angela Bettencourt
[2] Jayme Spinelli
79 Connecting the Dots: Connecting Library Communities for Development [1]Katherine Matsika Zimbabwe
80 Information literacy of doctoral students in engineering sciences through the view of a librarian [1] Teja Koler-Povh
[2] Matjaž Mikoš
[3] Žiga Turk
81 Social innovation, partnerships, libraries [1] Louise Eltved Krogsgård
[2] Brian Stephansen
82 Old Map Collection & Digital Archiving Project at Korea University Library [1] Ji-Ann Yang
[2] Jahun Koo
South Korea
83 Donate an eBook to a Library: a Model of public libraries in Taiwan [1] Chung-Chiao Lu
[2] Yi-Wen Chen
Taiwan, China
84 Library speaks about emigration [1] Alma Masevičienė Lithuania
85 National Alternative Materials Sharing System for Disabled Persons [1] Bo Seong Jang South Korea
86 Sarawak (Malaysia) Family Literacy Program Model: Community Strategies for promoting literacy [1] Edison Ricket Malaysia
87 Reaching out across Taiwan : Library Mobil Exhibition [1] Lan Hsuan Cheng
[2] Yu-Huei Yang
Taiwan, China
88 Maker Space Launched to Boost Innovation in Hangzhou [1] Xiaoxi He China
89 Open Access Korea (OAK): A leading institution in Open Access and the sharing of knowledge information in Korea [1] Hwa Eun Lee South Korea
90 The Intersection of Health Disparities and Library Outreach: Mechanisms for Change [1] Faye Williams United States
91 Experiencia de un bibliotecario y dos niños cubanos en la Conferencia sobre el Clima de la Infancia, celebrada en Estocolmo, Suecia [1] Guillermo Ramon Gonzalez Junco Cuba
92 Digital Badges: How Do They Work and How Can They Enhance Your Library? [1] Laura Bohuski United States
93 Zero Waste: A Waste Reduction Challenge at the Michigan State University Library [1] Eric D. Tans United States
94 The Elephant in the Room: An Analysis of New Academic Librarian Orientations in Scholarly Library & Information Science Journals (2011-2015) [1] V. L. E. Dozier
[2] Denise A. Wetzel
United States
95 Public Libraries Supporting Inclusive and Quality Education [1] Ramune Petuchovaite Lithuania
96 Library in the 21st century – Estonian librarians’ vision of the future [1] Katre Riisalu Estonia
97 Writers’ Commune [1] Yizhou Wu China
99 Connecting the Community through Rural Libraries: Collaborative Efforts of RRRLF and YMA in Mizoram, India [1] Lallai Sangzuali
[2] C. Lawmzuala
100 From Librarian to (Robot) Zookeeper: Reaching Out to Bring People In [1] Amy Foster United States
101 Enhancing international students’ academic and library literacy skills at a University in North America [1] Guoying Liu
[2] Karen Pillon
[3] Zuochen Zhang
[4] Shijing Xu
[5] Clayton Smith
102 From Digital Commons to OCLC: Transforming your ETD Metadata into High Quality RDA Reliant Records [1] Marielle Veve United States
103 The Access to Cultural Heritage for the Blind and Partially Sighted [1] Rasa Januševičienė
[2] Zinaida Manžuch
104 Using targeted digital games to improve children’s with developmental disorder social and basic skills [1] Laima Lapiniene Lithuania
105 ALCTS’ Continuing Education to Support Librarians and Information Professionals from Developing Countries (Presented by: American Library Association, Association for Library Collections & Technical Services, International Relations Committee. ALCTS-IRC) [1] Hsianghui Liu-Spencer
[2] Nina Servizzi
United States
106 Process as Product: Modularizing Digital Preservation to Serve Diverse Needs [1] Heidi Dowding United States
107 “Cartonera”publishing: an innovative technique to engage social science library users and promote dialog, understanding and tolerance [1] Araceli García-Martín Spain
108 Unions and libraries – an important connection [1] Ellen Ovenstad Norway
109 “Go search!” – First steps to information literary. Connections and Cooperation between an academic library and a school library [1] Klaus U. Werner Germany
110 A Study on New Suggestion for RDA Resource Type Display by Comparing the Resource Types in OPAC [1] Mihwa Lee South Korea
112 The NLP “Network”: A Collaborative Project between the National Library of the Philippines and select Academic Libraries in Metro Manila [1] Shiri Lim Philippines
113 The implementation of Copenhagen Libraries’ Strategy 2014-19: “Empower the Citizens!” [1] Mikkel Christoffersen Denmark
114 Increasing Access through Institutional and Community Partnerships: Examining Inclusive Practices in Public Learning Institutions [1] Liya Deng United States
115 Co-Authorship Patterns at the Medical School of the American University of Beirut between 2004 and 2014 [1] Dalal Hakim-Rahme Lebanon
116 Presidential Library: interactive educational center [1] Anastasia Drozdova Russian Federation
117 Multicultural Library Services in Japan: The Current Situation Based on the 2015 Questionnaire [1] Yasuko Hirata Japan
118 The Read@School Experience: From reluctant readers to school reading ambassadors! From dormant readers to avid readers! [1] YeeFuang Lee
[2] Sharlene Goh
119 Transformational Instruction: Building an Inclusive Learning Community for Asian Students [1] Jane Wu United States
120 Connecting with American Faculty and Chinese Students Overseas: Repositioning the Library’s Role in the Digital Age [1] Hong Cheng United States
121 Growing our Vision Together: A Sustainability Community within the American Library Association [1] Madeleine Charney
[2] Bonnie Smith
[3] Beth Filar Williams
United States
123 ‘Read Me a Book at the Library’ Campaign (Yellow Apron Project) [1] Seo Hyun Kwon South Korea
124 Bring back a picture book for children – Share your love of the world with kids [1] Shu-Ya Hsieh
[2] Show-Ru Shen
Taiwan, China
125 Reconnecting Persons with Dementia to their Libraries: Using library materials to improve the quality of life for people living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias [1] Mary Beth Riedner
[2] Linda Gorman
United States
126 Saving lives: library services to immigrants and refugees [1] Loida Garcia-Febo United States
127 De-siloing learning: A multi-method assessment of perceived and observed use of flexible, collaborative library spaces [1] Flavia Renon Canada
128 To OER or not to OER? A question for academic libraries [1] Sabine Stummeyer Germany
129 Programming Partners: University and Public Library Collaborations [1] Lacy Wolfe
[2] David Sesser
United States
131 A Special Library for Community : A Searching Activity for Science and Technology Information [1] Penpichcha Khemngern Thailand
132 Croatian book blog „Tragači“ – Book discussions among the youth and librarians using the Internet [1] Alica Kolarić
[2] Alka Stropnik
133 Green Library!Energy self-sufficient for the Solar Library of Taipei Public Library [1] Shih-Chang Horng Taiwan, China
134 New Immigrants in Taipei: Multicultural Reading Services of Taipei Public Library [1] Chia-Yin Lin Taiwan, China
135 Diversity on Display: Using DPLA Collections for Outreach [1] Tatiana Bryant United States
136 Library as Exhibit or Libraries on Display
(Project Title: Library exhibitions – a tool to promote the collaboration of libraries and other institutions)
[1] Petra Hauke
[2] Dorothea Fischer
137 The Cataloging of Self-Published Items in Libraries [1] Reed David
[2] Nurhak Tuncer
United States
138 Show Me the Evidence! Librarian-Supported Collaborative Work Groups for Healthcare Improvement [1] Betsy Bartholomew
[2] Ginny Weir
United States
139 Connect with your Users: Usability Testing and How User Experience may actually work for you [1] Tamara Rhodes
[2] Katy Kavanagh Webb
United States
140 Community Reading Project : Adding a new flavour to life through reading [1] Maria Margarida Aleixo Chaves
[2] Isabel Mendinhos
[3] Olga Cidades
142 Refugees welcome [1] Lo Claesson
[2] Anette Mjöberg
143 Information Cultures of Millennials: Key Facts on a Misunderstood Generation [1] Heike vom Orde Germany
144 How Do Children Use Digital Information System? [1] Xueye Zheng United States
145 Youth Department as a place of innovation in the Public Library Pozarevac [1] Beba Stankovic Serbia
146 When library services meet fingertips : Experience the services delivered through a mobile application for university library in Taiwan [1] Pei-Chieh Hsu Taiwan, China
148 A Learning Adventure: Developing a Librarian-Led Short-Term Study Abroad to Barcelona for Undergraduate Students at a Public University in the USA [1] Laurie M. Bridges
[2] Kelly McElroy
United States
149 Universidad y escuela unidas por una biblioteca [1] Francisca Vergara [2] Luz Márquez de la Plata Chile
150 Metadata and digital objects: To embed or not to embed? [1] Rachel Jaffe
[2] Edward Corrado
United States
151 Investigación + Digitalización = Colección multimedias de las revistas cubanas de los años sesenta, siglo XX. [1] Vilma N. Ponce Suárez Cuba
152 Re-visioning Library and Information Science Education within an International Context [1] Lynne Howarth
[2] Eileen Abels
[3] Linda Smith
Canada, United States, United States
154 Text Mining: The Next Data Frontier [1] Susan Reilly Netherlands
155 Time to change: Information literacy for a transformative learning experience [1] Anna Maria Tammaro,
[2] Alessia Zanin-Yost
United States
156 Supporting global education: Creating an engaging experience with children’s literature [1] Alessia Zanin-Yost
[2] Sandra Dangler
United States
157 The public library as a hub of the community and a connector to services [1] Kayla Kuni United States
158 Fulbright Scholar Program for Library Science Professionals: Showcase of Two Recent Projects conducted by Academic Librarians [1] Selenay Aytac
[2] Constantia Constantinou
United States
159 #Bibenaction – Libraries after Charlie [1] Raphaëlle Bats France
160 Proceso de implantación del Sistema de Gestión Bibliotecario en la Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba José Martí [1] Amparo Hernández Barrios Cuba
161 Linked Data for Professional Education (LD4PE)- Enabling Librarians to Learn the Basics and Beyond [1] Michael Crandall
[2] Marcia Zeng
[3] Stuart Sutton
United States
162 Finding answers for life: Assessing the information literacy of underserved and minority American women with a focus on reproductive health [1] Margaret Zimmerman United States
163 Manage Partnerships! Tools for Strategic Library Development [1] Cornelia Vonhof Germany
168 Public libraries from the users’ perspective: A Case study of Educational Sciences undergraduate students of Sahid Beheshti University [1] Amir Reza Asnafi
[2] Shima Moradi
[3] Maryam Pakdaman Naeini
169 Addressing SDGs and library relevance by serving the majority: introducing innovative child/youth public library services in Zambia [1] Jane Kinney Meyers United States
171 From Acceptance to Assessment: Academic Librarians CAN Card-Swipe [1] Sian Brannon
[2] Susan Smith
United States
176 Building the Qatar of Tomorrow [1] Amal Al Shammari Qatar
177 Lending a hand to local historical societies: How academic libraries can reach out to local historical societies to highlight regional history [1] Virginia A. Dressler United States
179 Plateforme de documentation et d’information en imagerie médicale [1] Assane Fall Senegal
182 Kids and Teens @ Libraries – South Perth and Manning [1] Megan Sullivan Australia
184 Present Library Services in Rajshahi University Central Library [1] Khundkar Noor Elahi
[2] Dilara Begum
[3] Nazmul Hasan
185 Marketing and Development for libraries, a Luxury or a Necessity? [1] Essraa Nawar United States
186 Writer of the Year [1] Selin Can Cemgil
[2] Safak Pala
[3] Nazan Akdogan
187 An International Collaborative Project between the University of Denver LIS students and the ENSSIB students in Lyon [1] Krystyna, K. Matusiak
[2] Bridget Bowers
[3] Kathryn Bodnar
[4] Frank Andreas Sposito
[5] Giovanna Montano
United States, France, United States, France
189 One Right Answer: A Community College Library’s Leap into Knowledge Management [1] Elizabeth Jardine
[2] Loretta Capuano-Vella
United States
190 Read As You Can [1] Nazan Akdogan
[2] Selin Can Cemgil
192 Comparing the learning effectiveness of PBL innovative teaching approaches in online information literacy curriculums [1] Naicheng Chang Taiwan, China
193 Return on investment at Slovenian university: measuring the investments in scientific literature and the research output [1] Petrusa Miholic Slovenia
194 The Main Concepts for Guiding the Visually Impaired [1] George Nader Naguib Morcos
[2] Mina Nader Naguib Morkos
195 Reach Out at Your Library with Mobile Telepresence Robot Technology [1] LuMarie Guth
[2] Patricia Vander Meer
United States
196 Exploring the Role of the Library in Supporting Open Science [1] Ekatarina Grguric
[2] Bret Davidson
United States
197 Fresno State’s Library Diversity Committee: Supporting Diversity Programming, Services and Resources in the Academic Community [1] Raymond Pun
[2] Gretchen Higginbottom
United States
198 Partnership: Faculty and Librarian Collaboration to Teach Research Writing [1] Hui-Fen Chang United States
199 Shanghai Library– Industry Library [1] Hongya Jin China
200 World‘s First Virtual Bibliotherapy Project “Inside the Book Isl@nd” [1] Julija Glosaite
[2] Tautvile Jurgeleviciene
201 A Bibliometric Analysis of the Scientific Literature on African Refugees [1] Benedicta Obodoruku
[2] Selenay Aytac Aytac
United States
202 Why Reading At Young Age Matters [1] Ungku Noorakmal Ungku Sulaiman Malaysia
203 Socio-Cognitive Relevance of Information Literacy: The impact on student academic work [1] Karen F. Kaufmann USA & Australia
204 Library Consortia Development in Latin America [1] Stephen Marvin USA
205 Broadening our Scope: International Collaboration for Managing and Retooling the Academic Library [1] Bonnie Smith
[2] Valrie Minson
206 The Evaluation and Use of Information Literacy Project for Children in Thailand-Cambodia Border Area [1] Patchara Pipitkul Thailand


Please note:

  • Withdrawn and not presented Posters are deleted from this list;
  • Presented posters – when submitted – are published in the IFLA Library.