Call for Papers: Open Sessions

Knowledge Management Section


"Using social media at work: How to share knowledge, improve collaboration and create a mutual savoir-faire?"

Call for Demos

In Columbus, Ohio 2016 the IFLA Knowledge Management Section  invites you to experiment with new ways of working and to share your own techniques in an exciting new format for an interactive open session. If you use social networks in your institution or if you have out of the ordinary methods for sharing knowledge for everyday work, this “call for demos” is for you!

Tell us how you use social media to share the best practices of your organization, to involve colleagues in new projects, to connect your library with other projects at your institution, to improve your work processes, and to create team spirit. We want you to present your success stories and share with the public live, on stage, with a computer and a use case in a very practical way.


All proposals must be received by 18 March 2016.

The selection will be based on the following submission criteria:

  • An abstract explaining your method in a few words,
  • A live demo of your concept in 5 minutes through internet (or video).

On the day of the open session, your presentation will be a 20-minute live demo and a 10-minute live exchange with your audience. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Deadline for the abstract: 18 March 2016 

Send it to: Julien Sempere
Send it to the KM section through our FaceBook page

Please note

At least one of the creators must be present to deliver video tutorial or demo in English only during the program in Columbus, Ohio. Abstracts, in English only, should be submitted with the understanding that the expenses of attending the conference will be the responsibility of the author(s)/presenter(s) of accepted materials.

All video tutorials or demos that are presented at the WLIC 2016 will be made available online via the IFLA Library under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

Authors of accepted materials must complete the IFLA Authors’ Permission Form.

All expenses, including registration for the conference, travel, accommodation etc., are the responsibility of the authors/presenters. No financial support can be provided by IFLA, but a special invitation letter can be issued to authors.

Congress Participation Grants

List of opportunities for support is available on our Conference Participation Grants webpage.